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About The Winemaker

    Wine making has been a tradition in The Zettler Family that transcends generations. Kirt Zettler along with his father Toby began making wine and growing grapes on the island in the early 1980's. The Wine Company opened its doors in 1982 in the small building adjacent to the existing site, known as the Nick Smith House. Soon after The Wine Company opened, Kirt brought his knowledge of wine making and grape growing to the table from his viticultur and oenology studies in Australia. 


     In the early 90's the small winery grew right along with Kirt's family. Kirt and his wife, Robby, along with their three young children began making pizzas and offering a full menu in a newer larger building. The new building grew to include a large cellar  with expansive viewing windows so customers could see directly into the cellar.

    To this day all wines are produced and bottled by Kirt and his Son in Law, Rodney, on the premises. The two blend each of the seven varieties offered at The Wine Company to perfection. All varieties are made from local grapes that lend themselves to the Lake Erie wine region. Kirt has recently expanded his wine selection to include several spanish reds and other "guest wines". 


Our Wines . . .

     All of our wines are produced on sight, and have been since the beginning. The grapes we use are hand selected from regional vineyards by our winemakers. In 2018 we went back to our roots and began growing grapes right here on the grounds. We hope to be able to incorporate our crop in coming seasons.


Bold, earthy Cabernet Franc is blended with a Shiraz to form the perfect union. Cabernet Franc grapes are grown and harvested right here on the island. 0 RS

$7/ Glass     $24/Bottle     Multiple bottle discount available! 

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Crisp, dry Sauvignon Blanc blend. This is the driest of our white wines and exhibits fruity notes while still remaining balanced. .5 RS

$6/ Glass     $19.50/Bottle     Multiple bottle discount available! 


GLACIAL WHITE-Semi-Dry White Wine

Classic German style wine with papaya and pear undertones. 1RS

$5/ Glass     $15.50/Bottle     Multiple bottle discount available!

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SUNSET PINK-Semi-Sweet Blush Wine

Delicate, blush table wine with tropical undertones. 2.5 RS

$5/ Glass     $15.50/Bottle     Multiple bottle discount available!

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

COYOTE WHITE-Semi-Sweet White Wine

Luscious white wine tasting as if "plucked straight from the vine". 3 RS

$5/ Glass     $15.50/Bottle     Multiple bottle discount available! 

FullSizeRender 9.jpg

LONG SWEET RED-Semi-Sweet Red Wine

Fruity red reminiscent of the true "paesano" wines of Italy. Classic Concord flavor with a smooth Baco Noir finish. 3 RS

$5/ Glass     $15.50/Bottle     Multiple bottle discount available!  

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