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Goat Sisters

Ethel Vanilla

Ethel is the older of our two goat "sisters". She is shy and sweet and will often lay near the fence line when small children come to visit. Though her and our other goat, Mildred, are not actually sisters they are completely inseparable. Her middle name is vanilla, because we often call the pair "milli and vanilli".


Mildred aka "Milli" is the strong headed boss of our goat pair. You will often spot her head butting her sister or yelling at her care takers for additional treats and attention. Though you may think she is a boy because of her horns, she was just never de-budded as a kid!

Image by Dave Sandoval
Image by Karly Jones

The Hen House

The Hen House is our little green chicken coop on wheels! Housing three types of chickens for a grand total of six birds, they produce eggs for personal use and entertain the masses with their corkey antics. We currently have one black frizzle bantam, two Plymouth Rock chickens, and three Rhode Island Red Chickens. Though some of them have nicknames, we feel it is a bad omen to name the chickens.

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